What’s Happened to Kindness?

17 Feb What’s Happened to Kindness?


As I move around the world, I can’t help but notice that the world seems, frankly, less kind. On a global scale, this may seem somewhat obvious to most.  But on a personal level, this is a bit more elusive, but quickly starting to become an epidemic.

I decided to take the time to research my theory to see if my thoughts had any merit. First, I reviewed behavior.  What I found was that many people are curt or simply unresponsive to their fellow human beings. We have whittled our interactions with people down to simple, disconnected, rote responses consisting of “I’m fine, no, yes, sure, fine, whatever, or ok.” In addition, we text responses that consist of 165 characters or less, and we use emoticons to share feelings. Many of us have resorted only to answering our phones when we “feel like it.” Then to add insult to injury, when people do spend “quality” time with their friends, they are usually phubbing them (phone snubbing).

As I see it, communication with one another has become diluted, disconnected, and impersonal. In fact, several studies report that up to thirty-seven percent of people have reported that “phubbing” has caused them depression. Because we are becoming less and less personally interactive with meaningful connections, it is no wonder that when someone gives you a complete sentence, developed response, or his or her undivided attention, you may start to feel uncomfortable or even wary of their intentions.  We are living in an era where kindness is an anomaly and rudeness seems to the growing standard.  We really must stop and pause to reflect on “What has happened to kindness?”

Granted, I realize that we can’t eradicate technology nor would we want to, considering what it contributes to our world. However, we can make a concerted effort be more conscious and connected with people. We can talk instead of text.  We can be more authentic and present with people around us instead dismissive and short with our interactions. We can take an extra moment to look into someone’s eyes and with sincerity ask, “How are you” (and actually wait for their answer).

With all the wonderful gifts of technology, we can’t forget that our purpose in life is love. We are here to love and be loved.  Now if you make a million dollars along the way, that is a bonus. But if you do that at the expensive of yourself and your precious relationships, then you will never be truly rich.

Don’t let kindness end up on the endangered list. Let wave a new banner that says, “Save Kindness! Be kindness! Show Kindness!” In life, every moment is an opportunity to be kind to yourself or someone else. Have you been kind today?

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