War…what is it good for? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING…

19 Dec War…what is it good for? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING…

These famous song lyrics have been playing on a loop in my head for the past few weeks. It is alarming how many real and perceived wars we have in this world. We fight the battle of the bulge. We battle depression. We have a war on terrorists, a war against ISIS, a war on drugs, a war on immigration, and now a war against Muslims. It seems that American culture is predicated to being in war.   But I see this as a bigger problem. I think the real war is within. It is a war against the self. As I watch the news and read my Facebook feeds, it seem that some people are totally committed to an anti-love movement. We aren’t just fighting each other; we are fighting ourselves.

Why? Well, as I see it, we’ve lost heart connection. We have become a society of doers. We go to more events, parties, work longer hours, and spend less quality time in a true space of presence.   We want more money, more praise, more significance, and more notoriety. We want less tax, but more benefits. We want bigger houses, better phones, nicer cars, and never want to age. The list is endless. In fact, I don’t think many are confused about what most people want. I am not stepping off the train of desires either.  I am human and somewhat guilty too from time to time.

Yet in all the wants, wishes, and desires, rarely do I hear people say, “I want more love.” Never once have I heard, “For Christmas this year, I want a big box, heaping with unconditional love and I will give the same to everyone. “ And I have most certainly never had someone say, “I don’t want any presents this year. I only want presence.”

You see, we don’t need to have a war against anything. What we need is to have love for everything. I know that seems like a lofty goal in light of all the tragedy in the world. But violence begets more violence. Random acts of violence, owning more firearms, and political rhetoric have never been the answers to the world’s problems. In fact, history has proven that time and time again. We have never truly solved any problem with force. In fact, love is a force more powerful than any other. It can change things in a moment. Love is the only answer. It always has been.

What we need to bring into this holiday season and 2016 is the true essence of the holiday spirit, “Peace on Earth and good will toward men (and women).” This can happen as soon as we put unconditional love in our hearts and use it to fill every holiday stocking. Give the gift of your smile and time and presence to all. See everyone as they are…and you as you are…pure LOVE!

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