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17 Feb What’s Happened to Kindness?

  As I move around the world, I can’t help but notice that the world seems, frankly, less kind. On a global scale, this may seem somewhat obvious to most.  But on a personal level, this is a bit more elusive, but quickly starting to become an epidemic. I decided to take the time to research my theory to see if my thoughts had any merit. First, I reviewed behavior.  What I found was that many people are curt or simply unresponsive to their fellow human beings. We have whittled our interactions with people down to simple, disconnected, rote responses consisting of “I’m fine, no, yes, sure, fine, whatever, or ok.” In addition, we text responses that consist of 165 characters or less, and we use emoticons to share feelings. Many of us have resorted only to answering our phones when we “feel like it.” Then to add insult to injury, when people do spend “quality” time with their friends, they are usually phubbing them (phone snubbing).
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19 Dec War…what is it good for? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING…

These famous song lyrics have been playing on a loop in my head for the past few weeks. It is alarming how many real and perceived wars we have in this world. We fight the battle of the bulge. We battle depression. We have a war on terrorists, a war against ISIS, a war on drugs, a war on immigration, and now a war against Muslims. It seems that American culture is predicated to being in war.   But I see this as a bigger problem. I think the real war is within. It is a war against the self. As I watch the news and read my Facebook feeds, it seem that some people are totally committed to an anti-love movement. We aren’t just fighting each other; we are fighting ourselves.
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