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08 Nov Looking Up!

What I have come to learn in my life is that what seems to be a huge inconvenience can be a truly inspiring gift. I was once again reminded of this fact over the past two weeks. As most people who read my blogs know, I lost my phone in a toilet. As I am in Paris, I decided to order a new phone from the States. But as life would have it, that process came with its own set of complications. So, I have been without a phone for over two weeks. After about three days of feeling somewhat paralyzed by not having GPS or messaging, I remembered that there was life before cell phones. In fact, we had things called maps and simply made clear plans in advance. So, I decided to embark upon a journey that ended up being very retro, but completely doable. It just took a bit more preparation, and I had to pay more attention to my surroundings.
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