Snippets of Wisdom


“Move toward love at every turn.  Use love to be your guide through life.  Be love, breathe love, think about love, give love, and radiate love.  Love is a force more powerful than any other.  It can positively change the course of your life in an instant.  Make love the focus of your existence and everything else will fall into place.”

~ Dr. Milan LaBrey



Dr. Milan is an award-winning author, international speaker and former radio show personality on iHeartRadio. She globally inspires people with her proven programs such as: Transformation to Love and What’s Your Personal Signature.  In today’s climate of divorce, domestic violence, mass shootings, stranded refugees, and a prevalent culture of terrorism, her motivation is to offer an alternative solution to navigate these global crises with Love: The Weapon of the 21st Century. Her life’s work is dedicated to motivating and inspiring people to move towards more fundamental principles that bring awareness and understanding about the importance and healing impact of love.