In today’s world, there is an onslaught of media and television images that tell us what it means to be beautiful and successful. In the face of these ideas, we tend to lose the trajectory and meaning behind our own lives.   When this happens, we not only live out of balance, but also out of alignment with our authentic purpose.


When we are out of alignment, we set out on a course of unhappiness and temporary gratification. We end up stressed and present the world an image that is not the real truth of who we are, which has a domino effect. We start leaving inauthentic signatures of ourselves on the people we meet.

This incongruence tends to impact us in many different ways, which are:

  1. Meeting the wrong people
  2. Sending the wrong message
  3. Hurting people
  4. Not getting our true needs met


However, there is a way to get back to who we are. We must align ourselves with five core principles…love, truth, peace, right conduct, and nonviolence. Love is the essence of who we are and the seed of all the other values. Love is our true purpose and the power that we have to change, heal, and be content. If you want to leave your mark on the world, find balance and be happy…live your life with authentic purpose and love. To hear more about this topic, visit www.MagnificentMinded.com/powersummit/ #DrMilanLaBrey


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