19 Jan Perception

As I was walking down the street one day in Paris, a friend of mine was telling me how when she looks at the sky and saw the wisps of blue, she felt that God was giving her a sign that “she is loved.” As I looked at the sky, I also saw the small bits of blue peeking out from a cloud cover of gray.  In that moment, I realized how important perception was in how we walk through the world.

I realized as I looked at the sky, because of her words, my attention was focused on the blue. Focusing on the blue sky made the day seem bright and cheery.  But at another time, I may have described the sky as gray.  This would have made the day seem more dark and dismal.  Perception is important in navigating life.  It will either keep you in a space of negativity or positivity.  The question you should ask yourself is, “What do you see first…blue sky or dark clouds?”

In today’s world, it is easy to focus on all that is wrong with your life and the world.  To be fair, there is a lot going on around us that is sad and overwhelming. But often, we make things worse than they need to be with our thoughts which may or may not be in alignment with reality.  But more than that, we have to ask ourselves, “Is it even something we should be concerning ourselves with in the first place?” I once read in a very profound chain email that said, “We have to decide what is our problem and what is God’s problem.”  So often, we caught up in trying to do God’s job and neglect the work we need to do on ourselves.  Trying to do God’s job can be overwhelming on a physical and psychological level. But moreover, it can keep our perception and attention focused on the wrong things.

Yes, there is no denying that there a lot of pain in the world, but there is a lot of good too.  I see it every day.  It may be something simple like a smile or a grander gesture. But goodness is ALIVE AND WELL! But you have to remember that it is not your job to help everyone, fix everything, or solve the world’s problems.  The best thing you can do is be the best versions of yourself which ultimately means, BE HAPPY!  When you are happy, you have more to give and you are a beacon of light for others. It will also change your perception. Soon the glass will be half full.  Days will be partly sunny, and life will be beautiful.

Of course, this doesn’t mean to turn a blind eye to the travesties inflicted upon our fellow global brothers and sisters.  Of course, we should always show kindness to those in need and stand for what is right.  But continually ruminating on what is going wrong doesn’t help anyone.   Author Wayne Dyer once said, “Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.”

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