In today’s society, it doesn’t take much more than changing the channel to see sadness, despair, disease, and death. Our world has become a hot bed for war and destruction. We have Ebola scares, war in the Middle East, terrorism, and school shootings. We look to celebrities like the Kardashian’s to see what the latest trends on fashion are and for relationship mentoring. Bullying is killing kids’ spirits and some are choosing to take their lives in response to the hatred being spewed in their direction. What is unbearable and damaging seems to have permeated our world. Or has it? is reminding you that Love Connects Us All. It is with love that we can bridge the gap between where we are and how we can live in peace. It is with love that we can heal, help, and hold on to the idea of a better future. It is with love that we can eradicate senseless violence and use our words to heal–not hurt. It is with love that we can make a difference in our homes, schools, communities, and world.

Join the campaign today! Visit our site and make a difference in your local schools and community. Teach children the values of love through camaraderie, creative expression, and selfless service to others.

Create a campaign to promote love in your school, community, or world. The way you express your love can be in any form. It just needs to have the end result, “Love Connects.” The deadline for entries is February 1st. Winners will be announced on February 14th.

Prizes Include:
1. A cash scholarship for your school
2. A (cash or materials) scholarship to help support a community project
3. A class party
4. Dr. Doctor Milan author of The Adventures of Meg will visit your school AND will write your school or class into one of her next books in her series “Lia and the Magic Backpack.”
5. Books and materials for your school from The Adventures of Meg book series.
6. And much, much more!

Please go to Love Connects for more info!

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