Let’s Make LOVE Our New Paradigm

20 Oct Let’s Make LOVE Our New Paradigm

Last night I had a dream that I embarked on a train with all my belongings. As the train started, I realized that my dog wasn’t with me. I leaned out the train door to call her. She was running to catch up, and I thought for a moment that she might be able to. She couldn’t. There was no way that I was going to leave her behind. So I abandoned my possessions, and jumped off the train to be with my dog.

Now this may not mean much or anything to anyone, but the dream was significant to me. For me, my dog LIA (Love in Action) is the embodiment of pure love and joy. Everywhere she goes, LIA does everything in her power to connect with everyone and bring a smile to their face. Often times, people will even stop me in the street just to touch her or take a photo with her. Her love energy is truly infectious. She sees no color, race, gender, or religion. All Lia sees is an opportunity to connect with love.

My dream reminded me that so often we are on this fast moving train with all that we think is important to us—our things and the acquisition of more stuff or success. In this pursuit, so often we forget and, even often, leave behind what is really important—LOVE. We try to call it to us through experiences, purchases, relationships, etc. But these are only temporary was to satisfy ourselves. We have to make the choice to slow down (or in my dream, jump off the train) to get back to what is important (in my dream it was Lia the embodiment of pure love and joy). As I see the world, it has become so easy to abandon love and create meaningless connections.

Yet the irony is that what we seek is pure love and authentic connection. But in our current state, we seem to be more focused on fame, fortune, security, variety, and notoriety. However, there is no tombstone that reads, “Here lies Jane. She had a wonderful financial portfolio.” or “This guy was a great worker” or “Remembered for his Lamborghini.” No, what people remember us as are “Loving fathers” “Dedicated Mothers” “Inspiring teachers” “Cherished Sisters” “Funny Brothers” and so many other things that are points of connection and love NOT monetary or personal success.

Now, I am not suggesting that you let go of all of your goals and aspirations. But I am suggesting that you take a moment to reprioritize what is truly important in life.

As I see it, everyone’s top 5 goals should be

1. Love
2. Contribution
3. Personal Growth
4. Connection
5. Compassion

Once you have those things mastered, the rest of your lives will not only be more joyful, but the other success will come to you more easily. In fact, the successful author, Deepak Chopra once said, “Do what you LOVE and the money will come.” Love is a powerful force. It can change the course of your world in an instant. Use love as the compass to navigate every area of your life. This is how you will find and begin to live with more love, commitment, quality relationships, and lasting success.
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