Inspiration vs. Desperation

11 Jan Inspiration vs. Desperation

The other day I read an article related to effective leadership.  Essentially it said that, the best leaders lead through inspiration, not desperation.  This was a very powerful point for me on a global and personal level.  First, we are moving into 2017 with many leaders around the world using desperation as their driving force.  This is a risky way to move forward as it does not inspire loyalty nor does it provide safety for the masses.  It is a long fuse on very dangerous explosives.  If we look at history, we can clearly see the impact of these types of leaders.  In the end, no one wins.

After thinking about these two concepts (inspiration and desperation) related to the world, I also applied them to myself in terms of how I am leading my own life.  I asked myself, “Am I leading my life with inspiration or desperation?”  After some soul searching I realized that I tend to lean toward desperation, more than inspiration.  You see, often as people, we have hopes, wishes, and dreams.  But circumstances tend to throw us around in the ocean of life, bashing us against the rocks and leaving us breathless at times.  We “want” so much…more money, more clients, better jobs, partners, success, etc. that once we get a taste, we claw to capture it before it (seemingly) floats away from our grasp.

Imagine you haven’t had water in days.  They one day, you see a glass of water.  You are so thirsty that you don’t even think to see if the water is toxic, dirty, or even water for all that matter.  But out of desperation, you pick up the glass and drink not even considering if the water could kill you. This is what the idea of lack and “what I want” offers us…desperation.  Now, I could give you the tell you that you just need to have an attitude of gratitude to resolve this.  But that isn’t enough. Because often, our attitude of gratitude is incongruent with our true feelings.  You see, the idea of TRUE love (which encapsulates gratitude) is loving things as they are and not how we want them to be.

True inspired living comes from love.  It is not wanting more or hoping for more.  It asking God, to use us in the way that HE sees fit.  It is trusting and surrendering to the process of life and not trying to make things happens and clawing toward any opportunity.  This does not mean that we sit back and wait for life to come to us.  This means that we live in the presence of God from moment to moment knowing that inspiration comes from the depths of our hearts.  It also understanding that desperation comes from the mind and the chaos of desire and attachment to what we think things should be.

In 2017, allow yourself to breathe through the process of life.  Be inspired and present in your day to day activities.  Allow God to be the captain of your ship and know that He has the correct course and navigation tools to get you where you should go.  It may not look like what you envision, but more than likely, it will be some much more than you could ever even imagine!

Happy 2017 Everyone!  May this be your most inspired year yet!

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