17 May Lessons from Paris

As I have traveled around the world, each new adventure has taken me on a journey of the mind, body, spirit, and soul. Some of the lessons have been harsh learning curves and while others have been glorious windows of possibility and joy! For me, Paris was more than a just window; it was a door into a beautiful world that I will never forget. Some of what I learned is mundane and the other lessons have had a profound impact on me. But each lesson is burned into my memory and branded on my heart.
Now that I am back in the US, I really miss the simplicity and charm of Paris. I also miss the people and the way of life. Being in New York, I am reminded of how disconnected and hurried Americans can be. I watch couples sit together for a meal without even so much as looking at each other because their phones captivate them. People here rarely smile. Most people look stressed and unhappy. People rarely connect physically. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I saw two people hug or kiss. It’s like people have given up on the good bits of life. So in an effort to prompt change, my advice is to live life like a Parisian for a day. Who knows, it might be addicting (or prompt a trip to Paris).
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23 Jan Love is the Only Bridge for Division

  While here in Paris, I have met the most interesting international travelers (mostly due to the charm of my 7 pound Maltese, Lia).  The other day was no exception. I met a wonderful woman from New Jersey.  As we got to talking, I found out that she had voted for Trump.  Now I did not vote for Trump.  But my reasons were less about politics and much more about psychology and emotional stability.  That said, I was curious to know her thoughts and the rationale behind her choice.  Now the details of the conversation are not important.  What is important is that the more we talked and listened to each other, the more we found common ground.  This isn’t to say that I agreed with all her points, nor her mine.  But it is to say that we found a space in between our differences that we infused with understanding and LOVE.
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19 Jan Perception

As I was walking down the street one day in Paris, a friend of mine was telling me how when she looks at the sky and saw the wisps of blue, she felt that God was giving her a sign that “she is loved.” As I looked at the sky, I also saw the small bits of blue peeking out from a cloud cover of gray.  In that moment, I realized how important perception was in how we walk through the world.
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13 Dec A True Miracle in Paris

In life, our world is filled with opposites.  Where there is good, there is bad.  When there is up, we inevitably have down.  Where there is yes, there is also no.  Life is like an elevator.  We go up, and we go down.  And the reality is that at some point, we ALL have our moments where we feel down.  Last week, the elevator of my life went down.  It wasn’t anything bad or life-threatening.  But it was rooted in the uncertainty and unknown of what’s around the corner for me.  I am at a time in my life where I am being (somewhat) forced to make a change.  But within this transition, I don’t know where my life is going nor a clue as to where it will end up. I can’t even begin to speculate. So, there is a lot of uncertainty about my impending changes.  With so much anxiety and fear about what’s coming, I took my troubles to God.
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