16 Feb Dear GOP, NRA, and gun owners of America

Since the beginning of this 2018, we have had a mass shooting every or every other day in this country (and some days, we've had more than one). Last year, we had more mass shootings than we had days of the year. Regardless of your position, I think we can all safely say, "Enough is ENOUGH! And although I realize that you have the right to own (and in some cases carry) a gun, I think it is time to talk about some other rights too. Let's start with our children. Children have the right to a safe and secure education. Children and teachers alike should NEVER be worried about going to school. Children have the right to not have to walk through metal detector or be hypervigilant in monitoring the behavior of their class members. They have enough on their plates worrying about testing scores, acne, how to navigate relationships, and just learn to be good citizens. Most importantly, CHILDREN have the RIGHT to LIVE!
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11 Oct The Norm of Sexual Violence

Thanks to another of the US republican candidate’s major blunders, as a people, we are now looking at a very important issue that plagues women around the world—sexual assault and violence. I personally have firsthand experience of unwanted, inappropriate attention from men. My first sexual assault was at 2 years of age, and there were others at the ages of 12 and 15. Like most people, I never shared what was going on because of the enormous amount of shame and confusion that comes along with being violated. But the men who hurt me were not famous. They didn’t have any power and my career wasn’t in jeopardy (which is a point that has been highlighted since the tapes released on Donald Trump).
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