Angels in Disguise

02 Dec Angels in Disguise

Once upon a time, we believed. We believed in all that was unseen. We had big dreams of being superheroes and princesses. We believed that our fathers really could pull a coin from our ear. We believed that we could wish upon stars. We believed in unicorns, Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny; and we believed in magic and miracles. And once upon a time, we believed in fairies, invisible friends, and ANGELS.

And then one day, our parents (or our friends) told us that we could not believe anymore. Eventually, many of our childhood fantasies vanished with age, times, heartbreak, and life experience. We came to learn about a new world. It was an adult world that was laden with sadness, despair, loneliness, disillusion, and ego. In this new reality, there was no room for miracles, much less angels. Lost was the innocence of our childhood.

But let us just suppose for a moment that miracles and angels still do exist. Let’s suppose that supernatural ideas, magical beings, and entities have not went away, but only evolved with us as we have grown and matured. Maybe we shouldn’t rule out the possibilities that we treasured as children– just simply modify our perspectives and our perception.

Ask yourself, “What if angels do exist?” What if they are not always the winged entities that we have come to understand? Defining an angel may be nothing more than simply reminiscing about unexplained miracles and all the good Samaritans that have graced our lives. How many times have you ever been lost or stranded when all of a sudden out of the blue a stranger asks you if they can help you? How often have you felt hopelessness or despair and then someone at just the right time gave you a smile or a kind word that changed everything in that single moment? How often has someone been there for you at just the right time and in the right place?

These things happen to us so often that we don’t even stop to think about who it was that changed our reality. So often in our lives, someone or something happens that we can’t explain. Yet, we pass these happenings and miracles off as chance or coincidence. But, could it be that just maybe they were encounters with our angelic friends? Maybe angels don’t just have to have wings. It is possible that they can visit us in any form from that of a furry little dog, a stranger, our favorite barista or even someone who writes something that inspires us.

Too many wonderful things happen in our daily lives not to believe that angels are still amongst us. They may not look exactly as we once thought, but they are in our midst waiting to help, serve, guide, and protect us. Sure, as adults living in this mundane reality it would be easy to explain away all the miracles in our lives. We can easily get trapped in the logic that everything good that happens is a simple case of “luck” or “being in the right place at the right time.” But wouldn’t it be more fun to look at the world with childlike innocence and just “Believe” again?

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