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Dr. Milan LaBrey

Founder of PremaStar Productions | Founder of KideoGo | G100 Global Chair, Volunteerism & Values | Award-Winning Writer | Psychology Instructor | International Public Speaker

Founder of The Advancement for

Empathy and Integrity (TAEI)

Podcast Host

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Dr. Milan LaBrey



Dr. Milan-Devi LaBrey is a powerhouse of talent and impact, weaving her expertise across diverse fields with remarkable finesse. As the Founder and President of PremaStar Productions and the visionary behind KideoGo, she epitomizes entrepreneurial zeal and innovation. Dr. LaBrey's global influence extends through her role as G100 Global Chair for Values and Volunteerism, showcasing her unwavering commitment to positive change.


Beyond her impressive professional roles, Dr. LaBrey is a celebrated author, a former iHeart radio show host, and a psychology instructor. Her captivating talks on topics like The Rule of Five and Authentic Leadership resonate deeply, reflecting her profound understanding of human dynamics and emotional intelligence. The Grammy consideration for Best Spoken Word in 2013 further crowns her illustrious career.

Driven by a passion for instilling values, Dr. LaBrey's projects transcend entertainment. Her upcoming streaming platform for children is a testament to her dedication to nurturing young minds with love, truth, and peace. She doesn't just create content; she ignites movements, as seen in her work on The Advancement of Empathy and Integrity (TAEI) program. Her comedy TV pilot, Life with Lia, has garnered several awards, showcasing her versatility and wit.


Dr. Milan-Devi LaBrey's journey is not just about success; it's about leaving a lasting imprint of positivity and empowerment on society.

Author | Back to the Basics: Five Core Values Revitalized 
Album | Back to the Basics: Transformational Wisdom
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