Fat Shaming: The New Presidential Platform

01 Oct Fat Shaming: The New Presidential Platform


Once again, our republican nominee has put a spin on this presidential election.  We are no longer concerned about the education of our children, the plight of our economy, gun control, or the inordinate amount of violence that threatens the American citizens. Apparently, we should be focusing on the former Miss America and whether or not she “is or is not” fat.  This party has gone from ridiculous toward absurd. It is hard to believe in the 11th hour, the republican party nominee could dig another six feet down the hole.

As the old saying goes, “The first rule of holes…when in one, stop digging!”  This election has become so much like reality television that on November 8th, I would not be surprised to see a show host chime in and tell us who finally got kicked off the island.  Joking aside, this behavior is the antithesis of authentic, purposeful leadership, which is what our country needs.

One of the things that I teach in my work as an international speaker and author is how to use the healing impact of love to live life with authentic purpose. I also show corporate leaders and CEOs how to be more impactful in their leadership roles.  So I have seen and met a lot of people who have important positions.  I can easily spot someone who is living in their truth and someone who is operating from their ego.  What I can tell you is that leaders who operate from a place of ego will not get the same results as those who follow their true north.  Now I suppose in saying all this, we should define success.

For many, success hinges on how much money someone makes.  While that is one definition of success.  For me, the greatest success is that of a person who has integrity.  They are also happy and live with authentic purpose and love.  They have a passion for life and compassion for others.  Success is also a person who has conviction and character.

There is a quote by a famous guru from India that sums up the kind of success we should all strive for:

If wealth is lost, nothing is lost.

If health is lost, something is lost.

If character is lost, all is lost. (Sathya Sai Baba)

Now all this said, shaming, blaming, and manipulation is not behavior that is appropriate or conducive to running one of the most powerful countries in the world.  Moreover, publicly discussing a woman weight or making it any kind of issue is just bad form.  These are opinions that should simply be kept to oneself and certainly NOT used as a point in politics.  But this isn’t just about our republican presidential nominee. This has roots much deeper.  When people hurt others with their words or actions, it is because they are hurting.  It is because of their own lack of self-worth or an insecurity they harbor.  Think about it, the things that people get the most defensive about are the things that poke the demons they have lurking within.  People with money or clout are NOT exempt from feeling inadequate.  In fact, I would suggest that there are bigger holes of insecurity when you have more to lose.

The point is that we need to take a stand. We need to choose people to lead us that have integrity and a compass that always stays pointed towards their true north.  We as people must also stop hinging all of our hopes and dreams on one person and start to live our own lives using the healing power of love to embark upon an authentic life filled with purpose and quality relationships.  People can guide you toward that path, but the true work is yours alone.  But if we want to start on that path as a country, we MUST make decisions to appoint authentic leaders who have a PROVEN their worth, value, compassion, and integrity.  But all true change starts with you!

If you’d like to learn more about Dr. Milan LaBrey, you can visit her at DoctorMilan.com.  Dr. Milan is available for speaking engagements as well as private and group consulting.

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