01 Oct Through the Eyes of Paris

I moved to Paris just two short months ago.  Although I have lived all over the world, I was most excited about coming to Paris as I had heard that it was going to be my “mother ship…” a land of lights, love and fashion.  Now most people know me as the finding your “Purpose Practioner and Love Expert.”  But a part of my heart will always belong to fashion. In fact, I would describe myself as Carrie Bradshaw meets Deepak Chopra wearing a hint of Amy Schumer rouge.  Yes, I am an eclectic blend, and this is what I had hoped to find in Paris!
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19 Dec War…what is it good for? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING…

These famous song lyrics have been playing on a loop in my head for the past few weeks. It is alarming how many real and perceived wars we have in this world. We fight the battle of the bulge. We battle depression. We have a war on terrorists, a war against ISIS, a war on drugs, a war on immigration, and now a war against Muslims. It seems that American culture is predicated to being in war.   But I see this as a bigger problem. I think the real war is within. It is a war against the self. As I watch the news and read my Facebook feeds, it seem that some people are totally committed to an anti-love movement. We aren’t just fighting each other; we are fighting ourselves.
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